Sep 172015

I have been using the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app since I got my Fuji X-T1 right after launch. And the app is a great thing to use e.g. if you like to trigger your cam remotely. But most of all I needed this Apple iOS app for backup storage of my SD card. You could just beam your pics to the iPhone via Wi-Fi® not needing any other internet connection whatsoever. A common thing with most cameras these days and a good thing at that.

Especially important for those of us with high storage iPhones that do not work with any adapter that might transfer the content of SD cards to the phone. It does work with iPads but not with iPhones curously enough.

If you have an iPhone with 128 GB storage this is a good way to have piece of mind – especially when travelling and you do not want to carry any laptops/notebooks, iPads or any other cumbersome external storage devices.

For all folks with iPhones who prefer doing likewise – my advice is to not update to iOS 9 just yet. FUJIFILM needs to update their FUJIFILM Camera Remote app as soon as possible. I sincerely hope they do.

All Android users – not to worry… I believe this is only relevant for iOS.

All those lucky enough to receive the new iPhone 6s/iphone 6s plus in the coming days/weeks…well you will have to find another solution for backups if you handled that with the app before.


So please FUJIFILM – give us that update real quick!


If anyone knows of an easy and inexpensive way to transfer files from the Fuji-SD to the iPhone without having to carry a big external device and without the need of high speed internet – please share that info. Thanks.


Update 1:

I received an info from Fujifilm Germany saying the app will be updated for use with iOS 9 by the end of this month.

Update 2:

As of September 23, 2015 the updated version of the FUJIFILM Camera Remote is available for download via the Apple App Store. Thank you FUJIFILM! That was reasonably fast. Now we can carry on as usual. 

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