Apr 252017

Have you tried ordering any cool gadget lately? Manufacturers seem to have more and more problems sending out deliveries than ever before. This may be because of mounting pressure for cost cuts and just-in-time production but it all too often makes customers feel unrewarded for seeking a special item.

Just look at Apple. Try ordering the new Apple Airpods. How many weeks for that if you place your order in the Apple Store? In Germany you would have to wait an estimated 6 weeks. And I believe that was even worse just a while back. When again did they make the announcement? Oh don’t ask!

Or how about the new fitness gadget Fenix 5 from Garmin. 4-6 weeks – at least –  they tell you when ordering straight from the Garmin shop in Germany. Not to mention the sapphire version – that seems to be even further away from market introduction. Some batches miraculously seem to find their way to Amazon or Ebay but other online tech stores not often seem to be that lucky to compete stock-wise.

This delivery nuisance is not limited to a few single countries or a few specialty products. I believe there are mounting supply shortages all over the world when it comes to high end tech gadgets. Companies tend to announce products and then keep customers on hold until they can deliver them in proper quantities.

Maybe the only sensible solution to this problem is not to order unless something is readily availabe in stores. Anyhow, it would be far easier if manufacturers were to restrain themselves from promoting things they just can’t deliver in sufficient numbers.

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