Oct 102013

The Nikon D610 is available for pre-order now at retailers worldwide and will probably be available in late October. But is it worth it? Has it improved much compared to the previous Nikon D600 – or is it just another minor update?

Image: Nikon Corp.

Image: Nikon Corp.


Nikon states, the new Nikon D610 features a slightly faster shutter with 6 frames per second compared to the 5.5 that can be achieved with the Nikon D600. The improved shutter mechanism also allows for a new quiet shutter mode. This might indeed come in handy for some users, but it is limited to 3 frames per second. White balance seems to have been improved also. Comparing the two camera versions, I couldn`t find any other relevant changes.

Of course Nikon does not mention whether or not the new shutter mechanism solves the problem some users seem to have faced with the “old” Nikon D600 concerning dust and oil spots on the sensor. But in all probability the soiled sensors are now a thing of the past. So, is this just a discreet replacement for the earlier model without attracting too much attention to a previously faulty design? I will let you be the judge of that.

In any case, the Nikon D600 had to suffer an enormous price decline within only a year of its existence. Today you can buy the cam for about € 1.450,- (Germany) and retailers probably won`t be all too happy about that. Their margins must now be very small – some may already be selling at a loss, just to rid themselves of unwanted inventory. The secondary market might be off even worse when it comes to replacing the older version.


Image: Nikon Corp.

Image: Nikon Corp.


Let´s look at the bright side: The new Nikon D610 is a very capable camera offered at a price point that (at least for now) is quite acceptable. It can be pre-ordered for around € 1.949 / $ 1.999 and can probably be had for a lot less once readily available in shops. The proven 24 MP CMOS full-frame sensor is more than enough for most applications and the nice controls, 100 % finder coverage,  great AF and dual card slots (just to mention a few of the gimmicks) satisfy most photography needs.

No doubt this is a great camera – and in my view probably the best Nikon camera in the line-up. I might even get one for myself now I do not have to fear having to clean the sensor every few weeks.

Of course there may be users that prefer more compact full-framers in future and in general photographers may soon prefer mirrorless solutions altogether.

See my article on the demise of the DSLR here.

That scenario still remains to be seen, but for those of you who want to stop carrying huge backpacks full of DSLR equipment, keep an eye out for coming announcements. There might indeed be some surprises in store for us soon. Even for those that are no Sony aficionados this might well prove to be beneficial because it will most likely put some more pressure on DSLR pricing. All the better for consumers of all brands involved.

Below are some more product images. Check out the Nikon site for more detailed infos on the new Nikon D610.








Image: Nikon Corp.

Images: Nikon Corp.


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