Sep 172015

I have been using the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app since I got my Fuji X-T1 right after launch. And the app is a great thing to use e.g. if you like to trigger your cam remotely. But most of all I needed this Apple iOS app for backup storage of my SD card. You could just beam your pics to the iPhone via Wi-Fi® not needing any other internet connection whatsoever. A common thing with most cameras these days and a good thing at that. Especially important for those of us with high storage iPhones that do not work with any adapter that might transfer the content of SD cards to the phone. It does work with iPads but not with iPhones curously enough. If you […]

Jul 022013
First smartphone with Firefox OS launched commercially

Today marks the first commercial smartphone launch featuring the Firefox operating system. The spanish Telefónica starts selling the ZTE Open for €69 including €30 of airtime plus a free 4GB microSD card coming with the prepaid Movistar offer. For now the ZTE Open will only be available in Spain but soon further Firefox smartphones should be offered in other countries as well (beginning with Latin America). The ZTE Open is the first commercially offered open web smartphone device and shows that the alternative and independent OS Firefox can also be used quite effectively in mobile devices. Other manufacturers like LG Electronics, Sony and Huawei are said to follow this example and probably will be introducing their own Firefox OS mobiles very soon. This is good news […]

May 102013
Heading towards Adobe`s Creative Cloud?

Like it or not future software solutions will probably end up in the cloud at one point or another. It is a trend that can hardly be reversed. Big players like Microsoft and Adobe just cannot resist the temptation. The benefits of better cost savings, customer retention and fighting piracy are obvious. But what about advantages for users? Adobe is promising to sell Creative Suite 6 for the use on supported platforms indefinitely but new releases will only be made available in the cloud. This new marketing approach looks like a big step forward but it may come a little early in the game for many long time users of stand-alone software versions. Watch the Adobe YouTube video for a basic overview on Adobe`s Creative […]

Apr 182013
Lightroom 5 Beta - Advanced Healing Brush

When it comes to photo editing I tend to do most of my adjustments in Lightroom nowadays (about 80%). Photoshop comes in when I need to get into some more heavy dodging and burning or I need to work with layers. For black and white conversions I like to use Silver Efex Pro. The new version of Lightroom is just around the corner and Lightroom 5 Beta is already being tested and previewed. I am not doing any Beta-testing myself but there are a couple of experts who have really gotten the hang of it already. I highly recommend that you take a look at the videos from Julianne Kost. I am a great fan of hers – she really is the “Principal Digital Imaging […]

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