Apr 252017

Have you tried ordering any cool gadget lately? Manufacturers seem to have more and more problems sending out deliveries than ever before. This may be because of mounting pressure for cost cuts and just-in-time production but it all too often makes customers feel unrewarded for seeking a special item. Just look at Apple. Try ordering the new Apple Airpods. How many weeks for that if you place your order in the Apple Store? In Germany you would have to wait an estimated 6 weeks. And I believe that was even worse just a while back. When again did they make the announcement? Oh don’t ask! Or how about the new fitness gadget Fenix 5 from Garmin. 4-6 weeks – at least –  they tell you […]

Sep 252015

The new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are out and many of us are debating the question whether or not the top notch smart phones will be good enough for day to day use photography. The simple facts and numbers may not overwhelm. But Apple has increased the resolution of the rear camera from 8 to 12 megapixels sporting a smaller 1,22 µm pixel size which means that sensor dimensions are basically the same compared to the previous iPhone 6/iphone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s at 1/3” sensor size. This makes for better photo quality since the higher megapixel count gives better overall resolution. The number of phase detection sensors on the chip has also been increased by 50% which makes the new iPhone focus […]

Mar 312014
Quick Review: Sony Bluetooth® Wireless Sports Headset MDR-AS700BT

This wireless sound gadget can be used in conjunction with e.g. your computer devices or your iPhone for instance, making it possible to watch the movies you made (e.g. that you transferred to your iPad or Android device with your Wifi enabled camera). Maybe you will be interested in reading about this device only because you intend to go running listening to your favorite mp3 music. Anyway, IMO this Sony Bluetooth® Wireless Sports Headset MDR-AS700BT is good enough to catch your attention.   The Sony Bluetooth® Wireless Sports Headset MDR-AS700BT is sold in a terribly annoying packaging. You can either choose to destructively rip it apart – or if you are more inclined to save the bundle e.g. for later resale you will have to fumble quite a […]

Jul 022013
First smartphone with Firefox OS launched commercially

Today marks the first commercial smartphone launch featuring the Firefox operating system. The spanish Telefónica starts selling the ZTE Open for €69 including €30 of airtime plus a free 4GB microSD card coming with the prepaid Movistar offer. For now the ZTE Open will only be available in Spain but soon further Firefox smartphones should be offered in other countries as well (beginning with Latin America). The ZTE Open is the first commercially offered open web smartphone device and shows that the alternative and independent OS Firefox can also be used quite effectively in mobile devices. Other manufacturers like LG Electronics, Sony and Huawei are said to follow this example and probably will be introducing their own Firefox OS mobiles very soon. This is good news […]

Apr 212013
Will you be wearing Google Glass soon?

Mobile communications and human interaction will probably never be the same again. Google is taking us to the next level. Soon these space-age looking devices called Google Glass will be dropped on the market. Maybe by the end of this year they will be available in stores. The first developers have already taken a spin and are reporting on their new gadgets. So is this going to be heaven or hell and will you be wearing a pair of these glasses soon? Photos: Google Inc. Camera: 5 MP photos / 720p videos 12 GB usable flash memory (can be synched with Google cloud) Wifi and Bluetooth Display with unspecified resolution (supposed to look like 25″ screen from 8 feet away) Battery lasting one full day […]

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