Apr 252017

Have you tried ordering any cool gadget lately? Manufacturers seem to have more and more problems sending out deliveries than ever before. This may be because of mounting pressure for cost cuts and just-in-time production but it all too often makes customers feel unrewarded for seeking a special item. Just look at Apple. Try ordering the new Apple Airpods. How many weeks for that if you place your order in the Apple Store? In Germany you would have to wait an estimated 6 weeks. And I believe that was even worse just a while back. When again did they make the announcement? Oh don’t ask! Or how about the new fitness gadget Fenix 5 from Garmin. 4-6 weeks – at least –  they tell you […]

Feb 052016
Buy FUJIFILM X-Pro2 or wait for FUJIFILM X-T2

So you have seen the new press clippings and the new FUJIFILM X-Pro2 seems to be quite a monster of a camera. Should you still need the official news get hold of the link right here. If you are into Fuji stuff at all, this cam might just be the ticket. But wait…isn`t there a follow-up or refresh on the horizon for the great FUJIFILM X-T1? Sure there is! Being a great fan of the X-T1 myself, I simply cannot get all too excited about the announcement of the X-Pro2. It has a few new features that would be nice to have. But some of these new features will probably make it to the X-T2 as well. The new 24.3MP X-TRans CMOS III sensor (or even a more recent […]

Apr 302014
Amazing new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M3 (Mark 3/Mark III)

The new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M3 is going to be even hotter than anticipated. See my earlier post here. Digicameinfo reported on a leaked manual probably showing a significant change in lens design (see this link). Sonyalpha Rumors also has a current update on all earlier rumors. It seems the new camera will be announced tomorrow May 1. Update: Will be announced at a later date (probably mid of May). According to the rumor site Sony indeed designed the lens with an equivalent of 24mm at the wide end and even managed to make it a lot faster (f/1.8-2.8) at the cost of ending up at 70mm at the long end. See this link to get the details there. A few things I mentioned in my post end […]

Jun 142013
The DSLR is dead, long live mirrorless!

The DSLR is dead, long live mirrorless! This remark isn`t exactly brand new and similar discussions have been going on in numerous photo forums (like on dpreview or on Flickr) and all over the net for some time. Editorial and commercial photographer Zack Arias started it all off again reopening old sores with his musings on the death of the DSLR, accompanying his strong praise for the Fuji X100s (see his Fuji Istanbul Video below) and his follow up on “…life without DSLRs“. All very entertaining, nice video and a good read. It may be a little daring to claim the demise of the DSLR at this stage in time. But truth be told, it will not take a lot more to make it happen. Maybe the proclamation (and also the […]

May 232013
I SHOT IT: fee-based photo competition website

A growing number of aspiring photographers wish to have their work reviewed and take part in competitions  on a regular basis. These pros, enthusiasts and even photo beginners feel they need a little approval for their work from time time and most would probably not mind being rewarded for a winning image. There is a wide range of different competitions available – if only you look hard enough. Some may come free of charge but just do not offer any prizes worth mentioning. This might be a deal breaker unless you want to participate just for honor`s sake. There are only very few contingencies that consistently offer great prizes. A lot of photo competitions also have great restrictions or special rules that have to be observed. The I […]

May 032013
Sensor cleaning for the brave at heart - do it yourself with(out) fear

Right from the start let me point out that I am just as nervous when it comes to touching the delicate parts of my treasured camera as anyone else is. And I did not pick the above headline just to catch your attention, I really mean it. Sensor cleaning is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The trouble is, cameras with interchangeable lenses pick up dust and dirt on the fly. There is not much we can do about that, even if we choose to keep a simple kit lens mounted all the time. Dust and grime will find a way to bug us for sure. Most ILCs (Interchangeable Lens Cameras) sold today have some sort of auto sensor cleaning built in. Sucking a little air […]

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